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Make your operation more efficient, more productive, more profitable with ChefTec xt6. Building on partnerships with more than 45,000 customers and over 20 years of experience creating software solutions for the foodservice industry, ChefTec xt6 takes the best back office software on the market and makes it better!

Over 70% of ChefTec Software development is based on customer feedback and requests for functionality. In this latest release, ChefTec xt6 has product enhancements that will make your life easier!

Harnessing the power of Microsoft's Windows 10 (and Windows 8.x and 7) technology, ChefTec xt6 provides powerful performance, greater scalability, and exceptional reliability.

ChefTec xt6 offers all-new features and functions, including:


  • Works with Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8.x, and Windows 7 operating system.
  • SQL Server 2014 Express ships as default (or use your own MS SQL Server).
  • Downloading and Activation from the internet allows for instantaneous receipt of purchased ChefTec products rather than waiting for a CD in the mail.
  • Or subscribe to ChefTec Anywhere Cloud Services and you don't have to install anything - just sign in.

NEW Quicker, Easier Data Entry and Searching Capabilities

  • More speed typing features reducing the need to switch between your mouse and keyboard.
  • Faster report processing.
  • A new export specific to Jonas software – allows the "Summary of Invoices by Account Code" to be exported from ChefTec and imported into Jonas.

ENHANCED Inventory Control Functions

  • Ability to print multiple bar code labels at the same time.
  • Ability to deplete ingredients of sub-recipes based on sales without the use of production sheets.
  • Enhanced inventory reports.
  • Functionality to CorTec to send requisition invoices to an approving/authorizing unit prior to payment.
  • Graphical display of inventory counts by inventory item with configurable date range.
  • Seamless ordering and invoicing EDI interfaces have been implemented for Pratts Wholesale Limited and FreshPoint.
  • Additional tare weight capability.
  • "Par levels" added on the "Inventory List" as well as in the par screens.
  • Ability to look at past sales with historical pricing, rather than last price.
  • Automatic selection of lowest purchase price when a bid does not exist, when ordering from bids.

ENHANCED Ordering and Bidding Features

  • New "Enhanced Receiving" screen which displays received items from Mobile Solutions (Tablet) and compares these to ordered products and invoiced products. Received amount may also be entered manually. Exceptions to the order, such as "shorted" or "rejected" can be indicated on the Tablet which will then appear in the "Enhanced Receiving" screen.
  • Invoices that have been brought into ChefTec via a Vendor EDI interface will now display both the order and the invoice on the new "Enhanced Receiving" screen.
  • Ability to print receiving labels (Zebra GK420 printer) with item name, received date, and expiry date.
  • "Order" lists changed for better selection and analysis.
  • Automatic selection of lowest purchase price when a bid does not exist, when ordering from bids.
  • Easily identify how orders were originally generated - e.g. by lowest bid, template, lowest purchase price, etc.
  • Show and print a bid price on an order if there is no previous price to display.
  • Modified "Inventory On-hand" report to allow for customization of displayed column information.
  • Vendor information can be displayed on "Order List."
  • Enhanced criteria selection for "Shopping List" report.
  • Clearer display on the "Par Entry" screen depending on "Used For" selection.
  • Easier and quicker import of new bids.
  • Ability to automatically assign all bid dates to the same date.
  • Addition of bid history.

Nutrition and Food Safety

  • Extended "Inventory Item Nutrient" export, with the ability to customize nutrient information as needed in the export.
  • Complete recipe HACCP information on printed production recipes in addition to inventory item HACCP information.
  • Display of all inventory items assigned to specific HACCP categories.
  • Display of "Nutrition Facts" for serving size in addition to portion size.
  • New enhanced "Nutrition Facts" label with additional fields for company logo, selling price, user-defined instructions, bar code, and batch number.
  • Multiple-portion functionality can display two nutrition facts labels side-by-side.
  • Create and print nutrition labels for multiple portion sizes for a recipe.

Physical Inventory

  • Graphical display of inventory counts by inventory item with configurable date range.
  • For Mobile Tablet users: liquor inventory items can display appropriate "bottle shape" graphics for partial counting.

ENHANCED Recipe & Menu Costing Functions

  • The "What if" Food Cost Calculator now has the ability to automatically update the recipe price rather than changing the percentage food cost. This is ideal if changes in the food supply chain necessitate menu price increases.
  • Option to exclude ingredients without conversions when recipe writing.
  • New "Advanced Menu Designer": Assign user-defined descriptors to inventory items and filter recipes containing those specific items. Great for operations which want to identify recipes containing items which are not standard allergens, such as alcohol or pork. Also includes the ability to print the descriptions on a "Nutrition Facts" label.
  • Recipes can be written with multiple portion sizes.
  • New table stores hourly wages and employee names, and allows labor to be included in recipe costing.
  • A new screen allows users to see all recipes that have been previously sent. In this screen, the user may either schedule "Send Again" or "Cancel" the original send (which will remove the appropriate list of recipes from sending).

ENHANCED Requisition & Transfer Features for CorTec

  • "Requisition Limits" screen provides the ability to limit how much product can be ordered from a profit center for a specific period. Also, deadlines for ordering can be specified by date and time.
  • On "Requisition Template" - ability to set method of pricing requisitions. For example, "markup of requsition price," "markup of last purchase," and "standard requisition price."
  • Implemented receipt of requisition to allow user who creates a requisition know that their order has been received.
  • Requisition report detailing requisitions by period for one or more inventory items. This includes the number of times an item has been requisitioned in addition to the total value.
  • Capability of creating requisitions on a Mobile Solutions Tablet.
  • New and improved display of requisition and production screens showing detail of which individual and master requisitions generated a Master Production Sheet.
  • Added ability to forward a received requisition or aggregated requisitions to another profit center.
  • Ability to prevent the sending of requisitions (or order) if quanitity or units are missing.
  • New "Requisition Costs by Area" report displays items requisitioned by area with dollar amounts detailed for each area.
  • Added ability to specify a profit center as a commissary for central purchasing.

NEW Event Management Module

  • Added the ability to include non-consumables, such as tables, chairs, tableware, to the inventory list so that they can be added onto customer invoices.
  • Fully integrated recipe and menu costing functionality to create and cost banquet and event menus.
  • Detailed quotes and final customer invoices can now be generated.
  • Ability to include staff costs, rental, and other non-food items.
  • Manage client and venue information.
  • Interfaces with Caterease and other catering packages.
  • Ability to reserve durable items, such as chairs and tables, required for future events. Added calendar which shows the reserved items.

ENHANCED Lot Tracking Module

  • Batch number information added to the "Lot Tracking" screen.
  • "Alert" added to indicate when the shelf life of an inventory item has expired.
  • "Batch Number Labels" can be created using several different models of Zebra printers.
  • Ability to add Lot and Batch Numbers on Requisitions.
  • Allows for tracking of raw ingredients that have been recalled.

ENHANCED Waste Tracking Module

  • Implemented ability to print "Waste Report" by date ranges to get consolidated costs per station.
  • More features allowing tracking and elimination of waste for a greener operation.
  • Schools, colleges, and non-profit businesses can now account easily for donated inventory items.

ENHANCED Production Management Module Features

  • Ability to see which requisitions generated a "Master Production" sheet.
  • Ability to print HACCP information on production recipes.
  • Automatically update requisition transfer quantities based on actual production numbers.

ENHANCED System Quality Control and Audit Features

  • More System Administrator rights for limiting printing and saving reports.
  • Time-saving feature allowing auto-activation for user-access to ChefTec on initial login.
  • Ability to specify different languages for different profit centers.
  • Ability to multi-select tasks for groups when setting rights for quicker setup.
  • Increased delineation of specific function for user rights.
  • New user rights for placing orders or sending requisitions.
  • Messages automatically prompt users when data changes have an impact in other areas of ChefTec, like when changing an existing unit conversion.
  • Report added to track new inventory items that have been added to ChefTec - use this to avoid duplicate inventory items.
  • Added "rights" to limit users and groups of users.


  • EDI interfaces added for both UNFI and Maines Paper & Food Service.
  • Handles multiple invoices in single file for Performance Foodservice EDI.
  • Ability to auto-import inventory pricing information from any EDI interfaces.
  • Auto-importing EDI can be scheduled using the Windows task manager.
  • Import property added to create one exception for all imports or an exception file for each import.
  • Added prompt to notify a user of duplicate invoices if importing will overwrite the existing invoice.
  • Increased number of exports that can be scheduled.


  • "Nutrition Information Extended" report to display additional nutrient information not shown on the "Nutrition Facts" label, such as amino acids, selenium, etc.
  • "Recipe Cost Changes" shows all recipes that have been affected by an inventory price change and displays old and new recipe costs.
  • New report showing waste by employee in addition to location, date, and cost.
  • Labels for received goods showing item, date received and expiry dates.
  • Receiving report showing discrepancies between ordered and received product.
  • New "Summary of Purchase Changes by Account Category" report showing percent change in dollar value of purchases by period (by account category).
  • "Vendor Performance" report showing number of shortages and substitutions over specified period.
  • Ability to create and print nutrition labels for multiple portion sizes for a recipe.
  • "Bid History" report displays a history of inventory item bid prices for each food purveyor.
  • "Requisition" report detailing requisitions by period for one or more inventory items. This includes the number of times an item has been requisitioned in addition to the total value.
  • New "Recipe - Nutrient Detail" report includes a breakdown of each ingredient in a recipe showing the contribution of nutrients towards the total recipe. The report also shows the "Nutrition Facts" label, the recipe portion information, ingredients, and procedure.
  • Added Requisition "Area" to reports: "Aggregated Requisition Picklist," "Requisition List," "Summary of Requisitions," and "Requisition In."
  • Added ability to create and print nutrition labels for multiple portion sizes for a recipe.
  • Separate logos can be added for profit centers, departments, and companies to display on reports.

FOR Caterers and Event Centers

  • Ability to prepare and send event invoices to customers.
  • Caterease import (Requires v11 of Caterease): Banquet Event Order (BEO) directly into Production Sheets in ChefTec.

FOR Mobile Solutions Users

  • New "Enhanced Receiving" screen provides even more functionality and reporting, such as showing discrepancies between ordered and received product.
  • Requisition on a tablet from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection. Information entered on the tablet automatically syncs with ChefTec on a desktop to update inventory numbers and generate reports.
  • New large-size calendar for ease of use for inventory selection.
  • Added "Rejected" and "Shorted" exceptions when receiving orders.

Ease and Flexibility to keep your data happy...

  • Ability to merge multiple inventory items at one time.
  • Ability to purge data for 'inactive' inventory items.
  • Identify 'user added' units by color.
  • Specifiable date ranges for purging data such as "delete all inventory extensions prior to specific date".

Also Available Are These Fine Products!

With ChefTec xt6 you can also take advantage of the very best add-on products and services from Culinary Software including:

  • Additional information about <em>Chef</em>Tec Calendar Builder Mobile Solutions - Add mobility to your operation with hand held solutions from CSS. ChefTec Mobile Solutions is an add-on to any version of CorTec or ChefTec and comes complete with mobile hand held hardware and ChefTec Mobile Solutions modular software. There are several hardware options to meet all needs, including tablet hardware, compact specialized hardware, and bar code scanning technology. ChefTec Mobile Solutions was specifically designed to integrate with CorTec and ChefTec on the desktop utilizing WiFi to communicate. Mobile Solutions is an ideal application for operations looking to streamline and speed up inventory control.
  • Additional information about <em>Chef</em>Tec Remote Notifications Remote Notifications - Remote Notifications provides the ability to trigger multiple notifications via printer, text message, or email when specific events occur.

Upgrades to ChefTec xt6 start at only $495. Email us or call 800-447-1466 for more information.

Some of the above features and functionality only available in CorTec Enterprise and/or ChefTec Ultra and/or ChefTec Plus. Ask your sales representative for details.

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