Culinary Software Services (CSS) offers a slate of add-on interfaces that integrate with CorTec/ChefTec Software to make your job easier. Choose from several options that include:

  1. QuickBooks (QB) Integration - Eliminate Double Data Entry

  2. In order to analyze your costs and track inventory pricing, you want your invoices entered into CorTec/ChefTec. However, for accounting purposes, you need your invoices in QuickBooks.

    With QB Integration, eliminate double data entry. Simply enter your invoices into CorTec/ChefTec, click a button and voila! Your invoices are instantly transferred into QuickBooks.

    Investment: $595/year.

    NOTE: The first year's subscription is included with CorTec Ultima and ChefTec Ultra.


  3. Caterease BEO Interface - Import Banquet Event Orders Directly into CorTec/ChefTec

  4. If you're a Caterease and CorTec/ChefTec user, here's a time-saver for you. CSS created this interface so you can import Caterease Banquet Event Orders (BEO) directly into your software.

    With this add-on, you can import a BEO into a Master Production Sheet (MPS). You can even generate a separate MPS for each individual event. Once imported, each MPS contains all the food items that you need for production to ensure a successful event.

    Investment: $595.


  5. Purveyor Integration - EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Interface - Seamless Communication with Your Food Purveyors

  6. Imagine being able to:

          * Save time placing orders directly from CorTec/ChefTec to your foor purveyors.

          * Save time receiving invoices automatically. No more manual interfacing.

          * Eliminate data entry mistakes.

          * Spend more time in the kitchen and less time on data entry.

    With all the responsibilities you have on your plate, CSS wants to help you save time. Our Purveyor Integration (EDI) does just that. It seamlessly interfaces with: Sysco, US Foodservice, Cheney Brothers, FreshPoint, Maines, Shamrock Foods, PFG, Reinhart Foodservice, and UNFI .

    Subscribe today and select any of the above food purveyor EDI Service plans.

    Investment: $595 for the first year and $395/year after that.

    NOTE: The first year's $595 subscription is included for FREE with all CorTec products and ChefTec Ultra.


  7. Scale Integration

  8. Printing Nutrition Facts labels from your Mettler Toledo scales is quick and easy using ChefTec Scale Integration. This is ideal for any business where food is prepared, weighed, and sold! ChefTec seamlessly transfers nutrition information to the Mettler Toledo scale allowing the scale to print a Nutrition Facts label for product that you sell. Labels are produced based on the weight of the product being weighed on the scale. The convenience and time-saving benefits of this integration are immense as nutrition information no longer has to be manually entered into a scale and can be easily updated when recipes are modified. As well, you have accurate nutrition information for your customer with the ChefTec Scale Integration.


  9. Invoice Processors

  10. Invoice processors are changing the way that you handle invoices from purveyors. Your business now has the option of outsourcing invoice scanning to companies that save you time by scanning invoices that can be used by ChefTec to update inventory pricing. ChefTec works well with Clarifiable, extraChef, Orderly, PlateIQ, Chouxbox, and many others.



  11. Additional Interfaces and Integration

  12. CSS can Provide an Interface/integration for any System that can Import/export in ASCII Format

    Whether you need to import sales and pricing from POS Systems, import purchases
    from your vendors' online ordering systems, or need an additional accounting interface,
    call 800.447.1466 or chat online with one of our sales representatives today about
    the solution that's best for you.

    Culinary Software Services partners with you to provide cost-cutting and
    time-saving solutions that make your job easier and your business more profitable.

    Customer Brett Stein

    CorTec has had an amazing impact on our operation. I believe it will save me over $40,000 per year. It’s indispensable in managing my production facility. I’m thrilled.

    ~ Brett Stein, Brett Anthony Foods, Northbrook, IL