ChefTec is an essential tool for co-ops like ours.The biggest benefit is an increase in our profit margin due to properly costed recipes that have the most up-to-date prices paid for goods. The time and money saved by using ChefTec has been immense for our operation.

Michelle O’Connor, Deli Manager, Ashland Food Co-op, Ashland, Oregon

Maximize Efficiency and Profits with CorTec and ChefTec

Do you wonder why leading companies like Ashland Food Co-op and Whole Foods Market rely on CorTec and ChefTec for their production management, inventory control, recipe development, and requisition and transfer needs? The answer is simple: they see tangible bottom line benefits.

Why Choose CorTec and ChefTec?

At Culinary Software Services, we understand the unique challenges of the foodservice industry. With over 25 years of experience and more than 45,000 installations worldwide, we offer industry-specific software solutions that empower businesses to thrive. How can we help? Here's how:

Streamlined Production and Prep Processes

  • Efficiency is key to success in the foodservice industry. Our Production Management feature streamlines processes, increases productivity, and reduces labor costs. Generate production sheets automatically based on templates, sales data, or requisitions, and easily distribute them across multiple locations.

Streamlined Inventory Management

  • Your inventory is a crucial asset, and managing it effectively is essential for controlling costs. ChefTec provides comprehensive tools to monitor usage, minimize waste, and optimize inventory levels for both prepared foods and raw ingredients.

Requisitions & Transfers

  • Effortlessly manage the movement of inventory and finished products between different locations, such as commissaries and individual stores. With ChefTec, track transfers accurately to ensure optimal stock levels at all times.

Recipe Development, Costing, and Menu Engineering

  • Stay ahead of the competition by accurately costing out recipes, menus, and events. ChefTec enables you to keep your menus profitable and dynamic, whether you're serving fresh dishes or packaged foods.

  • With ChefTec, businesses can accurately cost recipes and menu items, taking into account ingredient prices and portion sizes. This helps supermarkets, co-ops, and delis understand the profitability of their menu offerings and make data-driven decisions to maximize margins and minimize costs.

Just a Few More Areas to Help Supermarkets, Co-ops, and Delis

  • Allergen and Nutritional Information: CorTec and ChefTec enable businesses to track allergen and nutritional information for ingredients and menu items, ensuring compliance with food safety regulations and providing transparency to customers with dietary restrictions or preferences.

  • Menu Customization and Special Orders: ChefTec facilitates menu customization and special orders, allowing supermarkets, co-ops, and delis to accommodate customer preferences and dietary restrictions easily. This flexibility helps attract and retain customers by offering personalized dining experiences.

  • Waste Reduction and Cost Savings: By optimizing inventory levels, accurately costing recipes, and reducing food waste, CorTec and ChefTec help supermarkets, co-ops, and delis minimize costs and increase profitability. This is especially crucial in a competitive market where margins can be tight.

  • Comprehensive Reporting and Analysis: The software provides robust reporting and analysis tools, allowing businesses to gain insights into sales trends, ingredient usage, and operational performance. This data empowers supermarkets, co-ops, and delis to make informed decisions and identify areas for improvement.

Overall, CorTec and ChefTec offer supermarkets, co-ops, and delis a comprehensive solution for managing their operations more efficiently, reducing costs, and delivering exceptional customer experiences. Don't settle for generic software solutions. Invest in tools specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the foodservice industry. Join the thousands of businesses worldwide who trust Culinary Software Services to drive their success.

Ready to take your supermarket, co-op, or deli to the next level? Call us today at 800.447.1466 to learn more about how CorTec and ChefTec can transform your operations.

Here's How

Inventory Control

Inventory represents a major financial investment and requires constant tracking. ChefTec can monitor usage, waste, and inventory on hand to keep costs under control – for both prepared foods and raw inventory.

Production and Prep Processes

The Production Management capability will streamline processes, increase efficiency, and save labor dollars. Automatically generate production sheets based on templates, sales, or requisitions and instantly split into individual location production sheets.

Requisitions & Transfers

Manage the movement of inventory and finished product between locations such as a commissary and individual stores.

Recipe Development and Costing

Cost out recipes, menus, and events. Keep menus profitable and dynamic from fresh to packaged foods.

Waste Tracking

Quantify what you’re wasting and put it directly towards your bottom line.

Lot Tracking

Protect your customers and your own business when there are food recalls.

Nutritional Analysis

Simplify the process of calculating the nutritional information that today’s savvy customers require. Provides nutrition labels, nutrient descriptors, and allergen alerts.

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