With all the responsibilities you have on your plate, we want to help save you some time! Our Purveyor Integration Service (also known as, EDI) does just that.

It seamlessly interfaces with many purveyors, including:

  • Sysco
  • US Foods
  • Cheney Bros
  • FreshPoint
  • Maines
  • PFG (Performance Food Group)
  • Reinhart Foodservice
  • Shamrock Foods
  • UNFI
  • ...and many other vendors - just ask!

If you use one of these fine broadline food purveyors, think of all the time you would save if your invoices were brought directly into ChefTec from your vendor! With a purveyor integration added to ChefTec you can reduce the amount of time spent on data entry and spend more time focusing on what's happening in the kitchen!

Let ChefTec do the data entry work for you! Imagine being able to

  • Save time placing orders directly from CorTec or ChefTec to your vendors.
  • Save time receiving invoices automatically. No more manual interfacing.
  • Eliminate data entry mistakes.

And, with many of our purveyor integrations, such as Sysco, US Foods, and Shamrock - just to name a few - you can also place orders directly from ChefTec to your vendors (in addition to receiving invoices.) No more manual interfacing with these big food purveyors.

This annual subscription service will absolutely increase your time and money savings. The service is just one of our powerful services that allows you to integrate your ChefTec with other applications.

The Purveyour Integration Service (EDI) costs just $595 for the first year and $395 after that.

Spend more Time in the Kitchen and Less Time on Data Entry with a Purveyor Integration Service (EDI)

Order the Purveyor Integration Service (EDI) Now

Order the Purveyor Integration Service (EDI) Now

Save a LOT of time, eliminate data entry mistakes. No double entry!

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Also note, with ChefTec Ultra and CorTec Ultima, you will receive your first year of EDI Service (for one vendor) at no cost!