When you find yourself strapped for time or manpower to set up your CorTec or ChefTec software, look no further! Our team of experts, equipped with extensive industry knowledge and experience, is here to assist you. We understand that your time is valuable, which is why we offer this solution that will save you from the hassle of manual data entry.

With our Rapid Implementation (Data Entry) Package, you can welcome a dedicated data entry specialist to your team! Your specialist will meticulously review your data, outline project goals and timing, provide regular progress updates, and deliver a Letter of Completion. Understanding that you have more productive ways to use your time, we offer this solution to save you time and money.

Your Rapid Implementation Specialist will:

  • Review your data.
  • Outline project goals and timing.
  • Provide you regular project progress updates.
  • Deliver a Letter of Completion once the Rapdid Implementation has been completed.

Discover an Easy and Affordable Solution to Quicker ROI with Data Entry

Our data entry package offers an affordable solution to your data entry needs. Your assigned Data Entry Specialist can efficiently input any data you have - whether it's from Word, Excel, or handwritten on napkins - into CorTec or ChefTec, ensuring a timely and seamless setup process.

The initial investment for the Data Entry Package is $6,750

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