• Receive a text when inventory extensions are completed?
  • Notify your kitchen staff when a vendor order is placed or received?
  • Automatically print requisitions received at a commissary in the production kitchen?


Now you can, with Remote Notifications! This powerful add-on program keeps you informed on the go, ensuring you have critical business information at your fingertips.

Key Features

  • Trigger notifications via text message, email, or printer for specific events in CorTec or ChefTec.
  • Set up reports for remote printing, streamlining communication.
  • Receive email alerts for new requisitions in your CorTec/ChefTec Software.
  • Send requisition pick lists remotely to various printer locations company-wide and receive fill notifications.



Set Yourself Free from Your Computer

With Remote Notifications, no longer are you tied to your computer. It utilizes mobile technology such as iPads and smartphones to ensure that you get the critical information you need, when and where you need it. This will keep your managers more engaged in the operation while spending less time in the office.

Create better communication systems and improve your operational efficiencies with Remote Notifications. Remote Notifications is an ideal application for operations of all sizes.

Buy Now

The price for Remote Notifications: Stay Connected, Stay in Control is just $2,995.

CorTec has had an amazing impact on our operation. I believe it will save me over $40,000 this year. It's indispensable in managing my production facility. I'm thrilled with CorTec.

~ Brett Stein, President
Brett Anthony Foods, Northbrook, IL