Whether you're a chef, restaurant owner, caterer, multi-unit manager or foodservice professional, CorTec and ChefTec help you integrate with all your business processes, including accounting. Seamlessly transfer invoices from ChefTec to QuickBooks. Get the best out of both systems while eliminating double-data entry.

With all the responsibilities you have on your plate, we want to help save you time be eliminating the double-data entry! Our QuickBooks Accounting Integration Service does just that. It seamlessly interfaces with Pro and Premium editions of QuickBooks, as well as Canadian editions of QuickBooks, and all versions of QuickBooks Online.

Imagine being able to

  • Save time by sending invoices directly from ChefTec to QuickBooks.
  • Just one button to send invoices to QuickBooks.
  • Save an enormous amount of time keeping QuickBooks up to date. 
  • Eliminate data entry errors.
  • QuickBooks integration works with all versions of CorTec, ChefTec Ultra, and ChefTec Plus: Start with ChefTec and QuickBooks integration; move to CorTec and keep your QuickBooks integration! 
  • Integrate with QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, Pro, Premium, and Canadian version of QuickBooks. 

The QuickBooks Accounting Integration Service costs just $595 for the first year and $595 after that.

Spend more Time in the Kitchen and Less Time on Data Entry with a QuickBooks Accounting Integration Service