Get Ready to Gain 50% More Time

The Convenience of Foodservice Functionality on a Handheld Device

Are you frustrated with the time it takes to count physical inventory and the number of errors that result from double data entry? Are you catching shorts, substitutions, and rejections on receiving? Are you able to requisition product efficiently and quickly from your commissary or central purchasing? The experts in foodservice operations put the flexibility of mobile technology in your hands with Mobile Solutions.


Flexibility and increased productivity can be yours with Mobile Solutions. With four powerful modules to take with you wherever you go in your operation you can stay on top of things. A WiFi connection is all you need to automatically transfer Tablet data to your desktop software. It even seamlessly handles interrupted WiFi, such as when entering a walk-in. Mobile Solutions can save hours of labor and frustration by putting control in the palm of your hand.

Use optional bar code scanning capability with all Mobile Solutions modules to make things even faster! Generate bar code labels from CorTec or ChefTec or scan manufacturers' bar code labels.

What Can You Do with Mobile Solutions?

  1. Physical Inventory Taking - Toss that paper, pencil, and calculator aside.

    Forget about writing down inventory, printing out worksheets, and manually entering data into CorTec or ChefTec. The inventory taking module gives you a faster and more efficient way to enter physical inventory counts simply using a Tablet. With a Tablet and scanner you can slash inventory taking by 50%, as well as preventing lost data and inaccuracies. Physical inventory counts are added to your desktop in real-time using Wi-Fi.

  2. Ordering - Generate orders on the fly, quickly and easily.

    The Ordering Module gets you a quicker turn-around in the ordering process. Put orders together while in the walk-in or dry food storage area. "Presto," you have an order on your desktop ready to submit to your vendor.

  3. Receiving - Receive inventory at your back door and instantly check it against your orders.

    Don't miss a beet! When orders come in, the Mobile Solutions Receiving Module allows you to quickly scan your received orders and automatically check the delivery against what you ordered. The software provides a discrepancy report to highlight shorts, substitutions, and rejections. You will see the difference faster than ever.

  4. Recipes - Eliminate out-of-date recipe books.

    Eliminate out-of-date recipe books along with recipe books "destroyed" by use in the kitchen! The Recipe Module allows operators to display and print recipes directly from the Mobile Solutions hand-held device. Its widest use is in kitchens and production areas where up-to-date current recipes need be viewed or printed for prep work. For an environmentally-friendly approach operators can install a Mobile Solutions device and wireless monitor in the production area so that recipes can be "called up" and read directly from the monitor. As changes are made in the desktop or cloud service ChefTec software, recipes are automatically updated on the Mobile Solutions tablet.

  5. Requisitioning - Get product where you need it, when you need it.

    The Requisitioning Module allows you to requisition inventory or produced items from a commissary or central purchasing and tap-tap-tap, promptly send it to another location for fulfillment. Inventory levels are automically updated at both locations.

Put The Power of Mobile Technology In Your Hands Today

Mobile Solutions is an affordable and essential option for operations of any size. You may purchase each Mobile Solutions module for $595.00/module.

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