ChefTec Plus is the essential tool for managing inventory and food costing for the foodservice professional. While not as full-featured as ChefTec Ultra, ChefTec Plus gives you the ability to link with POS systems, vendors online ordering systems, and QuickBooks. With up to five profit centers, ChefTec Plus offers all of the functionality provided in ChefTec Basic and more. ChefTec Plus also works with mobile tablets, when you purchase ChefTec Mobile Solutions.

ChefTec Plus helps you effectively manage your operation with features, such as:

Recipe & Menu Costing
The recipe and menu management functionality helps chefs and owners quickly price a food service menu. As well, recipe and menu costing allows you to maximize profits by being able to calculate recipe costs, cut down on waste, reduce staff hours, and track inventory more effectively. ChefTec Ultra's Recipe & Menu Costing is surprisingly easy to use and will result in lowering your food costs three to eight percent. Menu and recipe costing can quickly show operators their percentage food cost for every complete recipe they use, allowing them to adjust margins based on the actual price of purchases by recipe or menu. With the right tools, owners can make informed decisions about menu "stars" and "dogs," to get the best return on investment.

  • Store, scale, and size an unlimited number of recipes.
  • Instantly analyze recipe and menu costs by portion or yield.
  • Update prices, change ingredients in every recipe, all with the touch of a button.
  • Cost an entire function or catering job in minutes. Generate accurate catering bids.
  • Add videos for preparation and training.
  • Add pictures of plate turnout, or plate layout, for consistency.

Inventory Control
Your food inventory represents a significant investment of money and time. One of the most sought-after pieces of ChefTec functionality, inventory control (also know as inventory management) is the quickest way to save those resources.

ChefTec includes several inventory management capabilities that allow you to see changing food costs, make changes to your desired food cost, quickly determine the total value of goods held in inventory, and compare this information to purchases and sales. With automatic updates and the ability to quickly generate reports, you will spend at least 4 to 8 fewer hours controlling your inventory each week.

Taking Physical Inventory was never easier: Using either sheet-to-shelf physical inventory worksheets set up for your locations or alphabetical sheets, taking and entering inventory counts is a snap. For even faster results try our Mobile Solutions for inventory taking.

In addition, the 1,900 inventory items preloaded into ChefTec save hours' worth of data entry and give you the information you need for accurate inventory tracking.

Get the fastest return on investment by keeping costs down and efficiency up with these powerful inventory features:

  • Track rising food costs automatically.
  • Compare vendor pricing at the touch of a button - from purchases or bids.
  • Enter Invoices quickly using the "auto-populate" feature.
  • Use a mobile Tablet for inventory taking.
  • Generate customized reports on purchases, price variances, bids, and credits.
  • Take the pain out of physical inventory, ordering, and maintenance of par levels.
  • Automatically track activity based on purchases and sales.
  • Calculate inventory on-hand for multiple locations.
  • Compare theoretical and actual usage and identify problem areas.
  • Calculate overall percentage food cost.
  • Preloaded list of over 1,900 ingredients with unlimited capacity for additional inventory items.
  • Lists of ingredients in different languages (such as, Spanish, French, and German) are available with
    unlimited capacity for adding additional ingredients.

Basic Nutritional Analysis:
With ChefTec Plus you can easily calculate nutritional values for your recipes and menu items. You can also obtain the appropriate information needed to meet the demands of health-conscious customers. Some foodservice operations are required to post calorie content and make additional standard nutritional information available to customers and ChefTec Plus provides this information. Other foodservice operations are following suit and voluntarily offering this information.

  • Analyze nutritional values for more than 1300 inventory items - quickly and accurately.
  • Instantly calculate nutritional information for your recipes.
  • Automatically analyze your recipes against FDA and NLEA guidelines for dietary or health claims.


Increased Functionality and Ease-of-use:

  • Network versions available with ChefTec Plus: Share data within an organization on one networked server for a consistent and comprehensive view.
  • Use mobile technology to increase efficiencies and decrease labor costs.


The price for this program starts at just $995, depending on which modules and features you require. The mid-level ChefTec Plus package is backed with 60 days of free support, so you know your purchase is stress free.

See the Comparison Chart for additional modules for purchase, such as Production Management, Lot Tracking, Waste Tracking, and Event Management.

Customer Nate from Nates Seafood

ChefTec provides a scientific approach. After committing to entering data into the program, I now get instantaneous food cost - knowledge at my fingertips. I'm constantly reviewing recipes to make sure my food costs are accurate down to the penny. I also use the QuickBooks interace and Sysco EDI (Electronic Data Interface) which cut out so much data entry time. I feel confident that I'm getting the best value from the ChefTec product.

~ Nate Peck, Owner Nate's Seafood & Steakhouse, Addison, TX

Not Sure Which Product is Right for You?

ChefTec Basic: For chefs and foodservice owner/operators needing Recipe & Menu Costing, Inventory Control, and Purchasing & Ordering at a price all foodservice operations can afford.

ChefTec Plus: Provides additional tools for monitoring costs and tracking inventory. ChefTec Plus offers all of the functionality provided in ChefTec Basic (above) plus perpetual inventory, sales analysis, theoretical inventory reports, and multiple profit centers (up to five.)

ChefTec Ultra: Our flagship ChefTec product meets the needs of complex operations such as large hotels, clubs, educational facilities, and conference centers with multiple profit centers. ChefTec Ultra includes the Alerts & Reminders Module, the HACCP Information Module, an additional module selected by you, as well as the ability to move information, such as moving recipes between profit centers.