Depending on you operation, you may benefit from add-on modules that extend the capabilities of CorTec and ChefTec. Choose any of these six versatile modules:


    Alerts and Reminders Module - Stay on top of actions in ChefTec by setting your own personal reminders.

    Alerts - Get Alerted About Important Actions

    Set up your own criteria for automatic alerts. Get alerts when prices increase above a specified percentage or dollar amount, when prices exceed the bid price, when prices haven't been updated in ChefTec, invoice discrepancies, late orders, and so much more. An invoice comes in with an vendor pricing error – you’ll know immediately. We understand that CorTec and ChefTec are not one-size-fits all. That's why customized alerts will meet the needs of your operation. You'll have accurate, real time information needed for maintaining your profit margins.

    Reminders – Set it and Forget it!

    Set up personal reminders for those time critical operational tasks. Schedule any number of reminders for specific dates and when and how long they need to be repeated. Inventory due dates, ChefTec reports to submit, orders to be placed? These are just a few examples of the types of reminders you can create. The reminders function of the Alerts and Reminders Module is a great management tool. It's also a great for tool for training new employees – no need to remind them of their daily routines.

    Investment: $795/first year, $395/year after that.

    NOTE: The first year's subscription is included with CorTec Ultima and ChefTec Ultra.


    Event Management Module (EMM) - Organize and streamline event planning.
    Catering demand is on the rise and the Event Management Module makes meeting it easy. If your operation caters events, you need the comprehensive functionality available in ChefTec's fully integrated system.

    1. Create banquet and event-specific menus and cost them out with real numbers from your invoices and inventory.
    2. Make adjustments quickly based on budget, food allergies or restrictions, favorite recipes, and more.
    3. With the Event Management Module, you have the ability to respond immediately to last-minute changes.
    4. Cost out non-food expenses like staff and rentals, manage client and venue information, and generate detailed quotes and final invoices.

    The Event Management Module also manages client and venue information. You can simplify processes even further with optional Caterease and Quickbooks integrations.

      Investment: $795/first year, $395/year after that.


    Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Information Module (HIM) - Accurately manage food safety.
    With the fully integrated Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) module you get pre-loaded handling information on specific food types, as well as an audit trail. The software provides you with a complete management system for controlling all food safety. Storage and cooking temperatures, as well as handling and usage procedures, can be customized and automatically associated with recipes based on your specific inventory needs. In addition, you can add safe food handling procedures from the USDA or your local health department.

    Training new employees to safely handle food is an important step in preventing foodborne illnesses from hurting your customers, reputation, credibility, or profits. Having food safety information readily available is vital to keep your kitchen food-hazard-free. Ensure that your employees always have the information they need to keep preparation techniques up to code. When you have the resources you need, you can avoid the costs and penalties associated with a food safety mistake.

    Investment: $795/first year, $395/year after that.

    NOTE: The first year's subscription is included with CorTec Ultima and ChefTec Ultra.


    Lot Tracking Module - Easily protect against food recalls and prevent spoilage.
    In foodservice operations like commissaries and supermarkets, ensuring product safety and compliance with regulations is paramount. The ChefTec Lot Tracking Module offers a comprehensive solution to streamline inventory management and mitigate risks associated with recalls and spoilage.

    • Track Production and Sell-By Dates: Efficiently manage the production and sell-by dates of your inventory items. With our intuitive system, you can easily track the lifecycle of each product, ensuring that items are used or sold before expiration.
    • Stay in Compliance with FDA Regulations: The ChefTec Lot Tracking Module is designed to help you stay compliant with FDA food regulations. By accurately recording and monitoring production and sell-by dates, you can confidently meet regulatory requirements and avoid penalties.
    • Streamlined Recall Management: In the event of a recall, our module provides robust recall management capabilities. Quickly identify affected products by their lot numbers, enabling prompt removal from shelves and notification to customers, thus minimizing the impact on your business.
    • Enhanced Inventory Visibility: Gain greater visibility into your inventory with real-time tracking of lot numbers. Whether it's for internal audits or regulatory inspections, our module empowers you with the information needed to demonstrate compliance and accountability.
    • Customizable Alerts and Notifications: Receive customizable alerts and notifications for approaching expiration dates or potential recall situations. Proactively manage your inventory to prevent spoilage and ensure product safety.
    • Seamless Integration: The Lot Tracking Module seamlessly integrates with your existing Cheftec, enhancing its capabilities without disrupting your operations. Experience the benefits of advanced lot tracking without the hassle of a complex implementation process.
    • Protect Your Business with Confidence: With the Lot Tracking Module, you can protect your business from the financial and reputational risks associated with recalls and spoilage. Invest in a solution that prioritizes food safety, compliance, and operational efficiency.

    Investment: $795/first year, $395/year after that.


    Production Management Module - Keep your schedules tight and precise.
    Enhance your food production operations with our state-of-the-art Production Management Module, designed to keep your kitchen running smoothly and efficiently. Whether you're a bustling restaurant or a large-scale manufacturing or catering service, this module is tailored to meet your unique needs and optimize your production processes.

    • Streamline Processes: The Production Management Module helps you streamline food production processes, allowing you to operate with maximum efficiency and productivity. From ingredient preparation to final plating, every step of your production workflow is optimized for success.
    • Increase Efficiencies: By automating manual tasks and providing intuitive tools, our module helps you increase efficiencies in your kitchen operations. This means you can produce more with less effort, reducing waste and saving valuable time and resources.
    • Reduce Labor Costs: With our Production Management Module, you can reduce labor costs by optimizing staff schedules, minimizing downtime, and maximizing productivity. By automating routine tasks and streamlining workflows, you can ensure that your kitchen operates at peak efficiency without unnecessary labor expenses.
    • Customizable Prep Sheets: Our module allows you to create customized prep sheets based on your specific needs and requirements. Whether you're preparing for a busy service or a large event, you can easily generate prep sheets that align with your par levels, recipes, and sales data, ensuring that you have everything you need to meet demand.
    • Automatic Master Production Sheet Splitting: Say goodbye to manual data entry and tedious paperwork. Our module automatically splits master production sheets into location-specific sheets, simplifying organization and streamlining workflow for maximum efficiency.
    • Real-Time Inventory Updates: Keep track of your inventory in real-time with automatic updates that reflect changes in production. As ingredients are used and dishes are prepared, your inventory is automatically updated, providing you with accurate and up-to-date information at all times.
    • Integrated Recipe Management: Our module seamlessly integrates production recipes from completed sheets into your inventory, making it easy to track ingredients, monitor usage, and plan for future production needs. With integrated recipe management, you can ensure consistency and quality in every dish you serve.

    Elevate your food production processes, improve your food production, and take your kitchen to the next level with ChefTec's Production Management Module. With powerful features and intuitive tools, our module is the key to keeping your schedules tight and precise, so you can focus on what you do best: creating delicious meals that delight your customers.

    Investment: $795/first year, $395/year after that.


    Waste Tracking Module - Manage your foodservice waste and stop wasting your profits. Also account for donated food.
    "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" is such an overused term that in many ways it's lost its luster. Despite 90% of Americans believing recycling is at least somewhat important, only 58% of people recycle.

    Take cost control to a new level with automated reporting on food waste by station, loss reasons, disposition, employees, or shifts. Increase your profit margins without diminishing your customers' experience. Quantify what you're wasting and improve your bottom line.

    Track Waste By

    • Station - such as Hot Line, Salad Station
    • Loss Reasons - burnt/overcooked, dropped, customer issue, expired, damaged, spoiled
    • Disposition - garbage, garbage disposal, pulper, compost bin, donated
    • Employee - hold your staff accountable for the waste they contribute
    • Shift - determine if there is a particular shift where there is more waste

    And the benefits?

    1. 1. Increase your profit margins without affecting your customers' dining experience
    2. 2. Pinpoint the areas where the most waste is being generated and modify your practices for improvement
    3. 3. Create less landfill waste and a more environmentally friendly operation with greener working practices

    ChefTec's analysis reports can show:

    • Dollar value of the waste by all the above criteria
    • Food waste as a percentage of food purchases
    • Dollar amount and donation agency of any donated food
    • many more!

    Investment: $795/first year, $395/year after that.



    Modules Add Significant Functionality

    These modules add significant functionality to your CorTec and ChefTec. Use them to increase your productivity, streamline your processes and ensure that those critical operational tasks are completed precisely when needed.

    Whether you need to be alerted to actions in ChefTec, create production items, or track the food waste in your operation, modules earn back their initial outlay in no time and make complex tasks easier.

    Call 800.447.1466 or chat online with one of our sales associates today about the solution that's best for you.

    Culinary Software Services partners with you to provide cost-cutting and time-saving solutions that make your job easier and your business more profitable.

    Customer Brett Stein

    CorTec has had an amazing impact on our operation. I believe it will save me over $40,000 per year. The Production Management Module is indispensable in managing my production facility. I’m thrilled.

    ~ Brett Stein, Brett Anthony Foods, Northbrook, IL