CorTec is the center of our food and beverage communications and control processes. Using CorTec, we have lowered our food costs across the board by a significant amount. I can’t say enough about the support and training we have gotten from Culinary Software Service. The training and implementation services have been key to our success with CorTec and we continue to use it as new personnel come on board and need to be trained in specific aspects of the software.

Mary Grabinski, Food & Beverage Manager, Navy Retail Dining Group, Annapolis, MD

DO YOU KNOW WHY large and small contract feeding companies use CorTec to: simplify their processes, analyze nutrition to comply with labeling requirements, communicate changes and procedures like HACCP processes and pricing changes, or implement central purchasing from a corporate level down to individual locations or profit centers to save time and money within all levels of the organization?
Join Parkhurst Dining, Goodwill Industries, Scotiabank Saddledome, Centerplate, Aramark, and many other contracted foodservice management companies in using CorTec to achieve higher standards of efficiency and greater returns by realizing the best value from your inventory.

Here’s How

Inventory Control

CorTec can monitor usage, waste, and inventory on hand, allowing you to quickly identify shrinkage areas and keep costs under control.

Production Management

Schedule production by area and day of the week or month. Generate pick lists for each production task and see inventory levels automatically update as supplies are depleted.

Event & Function Costing

Quickly cost out events and functions, create menus using stored recipes, generate event specific shopping lists, track perishable and non-food inventory, as well as staff requirements.

Nutritional Analysis

Comply with the newest labeling requirements with the ability to automatically generate nutritional labels and information from your completed recipes or raw ingredients.

Purchasing & Ordering

Interfaces can be set up for seamless ordering in less time. Generate orders based on par levels, shopping lists, templates, or theoretical inventory.

Sales Analysis

Sync your POS system, accounting system, and CorTec to see accurate sales analysis of popular menu items and more.