ChefTec is fundamental to teaching students the economics of runing a foodservice operation. It’s important we train business people as well as chefs.

Kenneth Goldberg, Associate Dean at The Art Institute of NYC

DO YOU KNOW HOW educational institutions utilize ChefTec to improve their bottom line AND ensure their graduates are equipped to launch their culinary careers in the rapidly changing foodservice and hospitality industry?

JOIN Atlantic Cape Community College, Institute of Culinary Education, SUNY-Cortland, Valparaiso University, and other educational institutions in using ChefTec software to control costs and attract the best students by incorporating leading edge technology in their culinary programs.

Here’s How

Managing Campus Foodservice Operations

Plan and cost out menu cycles.

Provide nutritional information with nutrient descriptors and allergen alerts.

Reduce your waste.

Order automatically, reducing over and under purchasing.

Streamline production processes, minimizing over and under production.

Increase bottom line results through better management of profit margins.

Keep personnel accountable for portion control, waste, and actual versus theoretical inventory.

Optimize your menu mix with the “What If” Food Cost Calculator.

Cut your physical inventory time by 50% using Mobile Solutions.

Control costs with automatic vendor price tracking and bid comparison.

Put your weekly and monthly menus on the web straight from ChefTec.

Manage cost per plate and buy/adjust/prepare accordingly.

Instructor Tool for Managing Kitchen and Lab Work

Create and manage course budgets using ChefTec menu costing capabilities.

Calculate food costs for culinary classes, semesters, and courses.

Calculate nutritional information for recipes and menus.

Create requisitions for specific instructors and classes.

Track inventory at both class/lab and store room level.

Exclusive security features for control purposes — e.g. ability to lock down ingredients that may be requisitioned based on pre-determined requisition guide.

Calculate the exact amount of inventory needed for each class and how much it will cost.

Manage your prep and production processes.

Create Master Production Sheets automatically.

Save hours of time doing physical inventory.

Training New Chefs

Use ChefTec to teach foodservice management principles for menu pricing, vendor purchasing, food storage, inventory control, waste management, and production.

Use in a lab setting with students either looking at the same data set or having individual data sets.

Security features for control purposes.

Use ChefTec for recipe development for consistent and efficient production.

Teach ordering and receiving.

Use to manage a store room.

Teach the business end of running a kitchen.

How can over 200
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