ChefTec is the first system where we have seen concrete, visible improvements to the bottom line in our Profit & Loss statement. This system really does work, and I love it.

Gary “Buzz” Busby, Coyote Café, Beaver Creek, CO

DO YOU KNOW WHY Healthcare facilities across the country turn to CorTec and ChefTec to control inventory, analyze nutrition, help with purchasing and ordering, store recipes, and manage menus? From Good Shepard Medical Center to HHS Culinary, McCloud Medical Center, and Sanford USD Medical Center, these facilities use CorTec and ChefTec to save costs and do more faster with fewer labor hours.

Here’s How

Inventory Control

The biggest constant investment in your foodservice facility is inventory. Control waste and costs by pinpointing where loss is occurring.

Menu Management

Cost out menus easily based on customizable pricing criteria to choose “winners” and “losers” based on your budget and item popularity. Generate cycle menus and share the information with staff, residents, and potential new residents.

Nutritional Analysis

Quickly generate nutrition labels and alerts for the presence of allergens. CorTec comes pre-loaded with nutritional information for 1900 inventory items.

Food Safety & Recall Management

See HACCP information for your recipes and preparation procedures to keep your residents safe. Be alerted when inventory items have been recalled with Lot Tracking functionality. See precisely where these items have also been used in recipes.

Purchasing & Ordering

Seamlessly interface with your vendors and take labor hours out of the equation by allowing you to automatically generate orders and send them to your vendors with the click of a button.