~Andrew Johnston Operations Manager,

Andrew Johnston, a ChefTec customer since 2008. His favorite food is seafood. lf he could go anywhere in the world, It would be Sydney, Australia to be with family and friends. Check out what he says....

I love ChefTec because it gives me quick insight into the business that would otherwise take forever. It is very easy to teach data entry. I can make mistakes and fix them easily. I can print my recipies and ensure a consistent food quality.

~Daniel Dunsky Owner/Chef,
O'Briens Crabhouse

Owner/Chef Daniel Dunsky has been in business since 1990 and a customer since 1993. He first used Escoffier, CSS' original inventory control/recipe and menu costing software, and has been a ChefTec user since 2000. He says:

I love ChefTec! I consult it every day and it is the basis of my menu engineering and how I make purchasing decisions. I can honestly say that ChefTec is the biggest reason I am still in business after 19 years. It is the one system I have implemented that over the course of the last 16 years has led to my long term solvency and has enabled me to keep the doors open, even through the roughest economic times.

~Chef Ron Pickarski CEC, Chef/Owner
Eco-Cuisine, Boulder, CO

Chef Ron Pickarski is an author, restaurant consultant, and an expert on vegetarian cuisine. Check out what he says....

As a foodservice consultant I have worked with different recipe management and costing software systems. My conclusion is that ChefTec Software is one of the best programs on the marketplace because it is so multidimensional and user friendly. Another important element in buying into any software program is the customer service provided by the software company, and Culinary Software Services is superior in this area.

~Brett Stein President,
Brett Anthony Foods

Brett Anthony Foods has been a CorTec customer since 2012. With a mission to bring great recipes and products to the ready-made, wholesale foods market, the company is led by President Brett Stein, Executive Chef, Don O'Machel, and Vice President of Operations, Alex Ghantous. Together the leadership have proved to be an award winning combination with 4 consecutive nominations for the Jon Banchet Award for Culinary Excellence.

CorTec has had an amazing impact on our operation. I believe it will save me over $40,000 this year. It's indispensable in managing my production facility. I'm thrilled with CorTec.

~Amanda Rabiei
TPC Sawgrass

TPC Sawgrass has been a CorTec customer since 2007. They are a three-time recipient of the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence, was also honored as the No. 9-ranked resort golf course in the United States and the top-ranked golf course in Florida, by Golfweek magazine. The Club is also part of the PGA TOUR's acclaimed TPC Network.

Sawgrass is a big operation with golfers and members expecting service from sunup to well past sundown. It takes a lot of organization to keep our foodservice program profitable and efficient. CorTec is an important part of that organization. CorTec easy to use and was simple to get up and running...I love this software!

~ Sebastian (the cat) and Franz Lieber (the chef) Executive Chef,
The Chateau on the Park

The Chateau on the Park has been a ChefTec customer since 2007. They are a unique escape nestled in 5 acres of beautiful, tranquil gardens in Christchurch, NZ. The Chateau on the Park offers fine food and hotel accommodation a world away from the stresses of city life.

I have been very happy with ChefTec. My food cost is running at 28% for the last 7 months - a savings of 8% prior to using ChefTec.

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