Cornerstone Associates is a nonprofit in Corvallis, Oregon that serves people who experience intellectual and developmental disabilities. Cornerstone offers the Associates the opportunity to be employed and earn a wage for the work they do. Taylor Street Ovens (TSO) is one of nine businesses that Cornerstone owns and operates in the Corvallis community.

Taylor Street Ovens is a bakery and deli where much of the food production is performed by 21 associates. The disabilities range in degree of ability and the Associates are given jobs that fit their skill. Taylor Street Ovens is open for breakfast and lunch in their front retail location. TSO also offers catering services on a by-request basis. In addition, TSO delivers packaged cookies across the Willamette Valley to supermarkets such as Market of Choice and Zupan's.

Judy Larson, Kitchen Manager of Taylor Street Ovens, worked with Andrea Green when she approached Culinary Software Services because Taylor Street Ovens was not profitable and realized ChefTec software could help them with that. As a recipient of the ChefTec Fund, they are using ChefTec to better track and manage their costs, expand inventory tracking and provide nutrition information to customers. They will also be integrating ChefTec with their Micros point of sale system. The donation of ChefTec software has allowed TSO to fix many of the issues they were faced with.

Taylor Street Ovens
1025 NW 9th Street, Suite C
Corvallis, 09 97330