Rosa Mexicano (which means “Mexican Pink”), is vibrant, brilliant, and bold, just like the color it is named for. An exciting mixture of blue, red, and white builds the particular hue of Mexican pink seen in the light and skies of that country. The restaurant Rosa Mexicano was originally dreamed up by Josefina Howard, who was born in Cuba and raised in Spain. She and her family fled to New York City during the Spanish Civil War, where she met and married her husband, Charles Howard. The couple eventually moved to Mexico, where Josefina worked as an interior designer and became fascinated by the cuisine of Mexico. On her way to visit a textile mill in Toluca, Mexico, Howard spotted a small village painted entirely pink, which inspired the name of her now-famous restaurant chain.

The first of the award-winning restaurants called Rosa Mexicano appeared in New York City in 1984. Chef Josefina Howard opened the restaurant in Midtown Manhattan and met immediate praise for offering an "elevated version of Mexican cuisine."

Rosa Mexicano has won numerous “Best in New York City” awards from various sources, 1st place for the restaurant's Chipotle Salsa in the 2008 Chile Pepper Magazine Fiery Food Challenge, and many other competitions. Chef Howard has even appeared on the Martha Stewart Show to share her techniques. The company has expanded to 18 locations around the world and now offers a cookbook, among many other products available on their online store.

Rosa Mexicano's cutting-edge operations have inspired imitation across the United States, but this original purveyor of upscale Mexican cooking in the United States has a strong and continued legacy of impressing patrons and building an unparalleled reputation. Be sure to check out one of their locations nearest you:

Rosa Mexicano - NYC
New York City, NY