One of the true veterans to the foodservice industry is Denver Cline of Murdock's Restaurant and A Catered Affair. Since 1965, Chef Cline has been working in the foodservice industry, beginning in hotels and resorts in West Palm Beach, FL, and gradually working his way to up the Florida coast. Along the way he become an ACF Certified Executive Chef, started professional chef's associations in various towns in Florida, started his own catering and concessions company and opened a restaurant. Chef Cline currently resides in Melbourne, FL and is the owner/head chef of Murdock's Restaurant and A Catered Affair.

For over six years A Catered Affair has been called upon to cater functions from intimate house parties to events at the Melbourne Auditorium. The operation runs 50-60 events a year and has generated enough interest to support a concessions stand, available for local Melbourne events.

Murdock's, which opened in 2001, was an instant success with its full menu of items such as smoked meats (smoked on premise), fried catfish and eight types of hamburgers. According to Chef Cline, the hamburgers are his star sellers, totaling 350 sales of the 8 oz. burgers each week.

"I just keep expanding with ChefTec! It has so many benefits, but one of the highlights is that ChefTec helps me locate products as economically as possible. I make my own french fries so I buy a lotttt of potatoes. The price may vary from $28 to $80 for 100 pounds of potatoes! ChefTec catches all price fluctuations so I can notify my vendor or make changes in my ordering."

~ Denver Cline, Owner/Chef
Murdock's Restaurant and A Catered Affair, Cocoa, FL 

Chef Cline saw ChefTec at the Florida Restaurant Show while looking for software to help get his new restaurant up and running. He immediately recognized the potential of ChefTec to save him time and money and bought directly at the show. Since then, he has upgraded to ChefTec Plus, and also uses BevTec (to manage his bar) and ChefTec Mobile Solutions.

Chef Cline also touts the Culinary Software Services support team. "The support at Culinary Software Services is very helpful. They have answers to all my questions and really go out of their way to help me."

Running a restaurant, catering operation, and concessions business, Chef Cline has his hands busy. We are glad ChefTec is able to take off some of the load!

Murdock's Restaurant is located at:
600 Brevard Avenue
Cocoa, FL 32922