Joe's Stone Crab began in 1913, when Joe Weiss opened up a small lunch counter on Miami Beach. Back then, Miami Beach was just a quiet, backwater town. Folks stopped in to chat and for a top-notch fish sandwich and fries. This, of course, was only the beginning...

Now, for more than 100 years, no visit to Miami is complete without stopping in at Joe's Stone Crab. From the beginning it has been a combination of the love of food, family, and friends that keep customers coming to their restaurant. Joe's is popular for their stone crab, but also for their extensive fish, meat and seafood items. Their chefs are young and creative foodies, each of them passionate, as well as committed to ensuring a wonderful dining experience. They order up to 350 pounds of fish on any given day, and are sure to use it within two days, offering the freshest fish available. They purchase local fish as much as possible. Moreover, they are highly conscious of the global effects of overfishing, therefore will purchase more expensive fish that other restaurants won't, and while they sometimes pay more for fish, they do not pass that cost onto their customers. Joe's offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Joe's Stone Crab has been a ChefTec customer since 2004 and has consistently appeared on the "Top 25 Independent Restaurants by Revenue" list. Zagat readers also noted Joe's as their "most popular eatery in Miami" and to that they credit their customers. They say their success comes from the family touch!

Joe's Stone Crab
11 Washington Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33139