Most business situations consist of conference calls and handshakes, however Chas Andresen is in the business of finger painting, playtime and the occasional hug. For nearly 30 years Mr. Andresen and his wife have been running the Iliff Preschool in Denver, Colorado.

The Iliff Preschool, which had its beginnings in 1963, is one of the premier Preschools in Denver with eight classrooms and eight separate play yards, for children 12 months to 14 years. The kindergarten class is lucky enough to have 11 computers and it's own DC-7 airplane, where class is held. According to Mr. Andresen, the goal is to have kindergarten children sight-reading and computer friendly by graduation. The school also offers a special program called Fast TracKids, which aims to enhance learning through enrichment education.

The Iliff Preschool has made quite a difference in the community in the past 40 years and Mr. Andresen is now seeing past students enrolling their children in the school. Through the years Mr. Andresen has seen many changes in the way business is conducted. One of those places is in the school's kitchen.

"We serve one meal a day (lunch) and two snacks. In the beginning all ordering was done out of a catalog book with paper and pencil. It was impossible to break out the food cost or keep track of rising prices."

With over 120 children to look after, the last thing Mr. Andresen needed was to worry about his food cost. After trying various methods to cost out his inventory Mr. Andresen went online looking for foodservice software. He found ChefTec and immediately was able to see where he was losing money.

ChefTec gave me so much more power. I’m not a real big purchaser, however ten percent is ten percent and that's great! You need someone on your side, and that's ChefTec.

~ Mr. Andresen, Owner
Iliff Preschool, Denver, CO

Iliff Preschool
4140 East Iliff Avenue
Denver, CO 80222