Connecticut Junior Republic (CJR) was founded in 1904 in Litchfield, Connecticut with 12 locations throughout the state. They are a private non-profit agency with the mission to provide care, treatment, education and family support center. Their focus is on at-risk, special needs and troubled young people so they can become productive and fulfilled members of their communities. CJR provides residential, education, community, and homes for youths and families of any race, color and national and ethnic origin.

Connecticut Junior Republic also has a Culinary Arts Program. They use ChefTec's network version that has capabilities to access from the culinary classroom. The "user rights" feature is very important in securing access to the data while engaging the students. By giving students access, it gives them the opportunity to use computer software they will encounter as employees in a commercial kitchen.

ChefTec software is used within our Food Services Program on the Litchfield Campus. It assists us in efficiently providing inventory control, purchasing, and nutritious menu planning. Our current Food Services Manager worked with ChefTec in the past and has spoken very highly of it.

~ Pam Corning, Director of Information Technology
Connecticut Junior Republic, Litchfield, CT 

Connecticut Junior Republic
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