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Bricktop's is a vibrant, expanding multi-unit enterprise based in Nashville, TN. The chain specializes in American bistro cuisine, featuring upscale style in a comfortable atmosphere. With eight locations nationwide, Executive Chef Bob Tappan saw a need for a system to control costs, manage menus, and achieve that all-important brand consistency across the enterprise.

Bricktop's is serving food that is sophisticated to an audience that expects high standards and a quality experience, whether they go into a Bricktop's in Atlanta or one in Naples. I needed an efficient, easy-to-use way to write recipes and send them out to our various units. ChefTec gives me that and a whole lot more!

~ Bob Tappan, Corporate Executive Chef
Bricktop's Restaurant, Nashville, TN 
Bricktops Restaurant

Bricktop's purchased ChefTec in 2006 and has used the software to support the continued deployment of the concept. "Over the last 18 months we have opened four restaurants in three states," explained Tappan. "We are doing about $150,000 in sales each week in each unit, so I need to be on top of things, communicating effectively about menu changes, costing, and portion control issues. With ChefTec it is simple for me to write recipes, cost them out, and then send them out to our other units. There is no room for error nowadays in the restaurant business and ChefTec makes this sort of enterprise-wide communication much more efficient. I honestly don't know how operations with multiple locations manage their menus without a software tool like ChefTec. ChefTec is essential to a growing concept like ours, helping us be proactive to changes in food cost, keeping us profitable and financially healthy so we can continue to grow."

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