ChefTec has been vital to our organization since we implemented it six years ago. It is extremely important for tracking food costs, keeping all our recipes, and doing monthly inventory. We input all our invoices and information and it saves us at least 2-4 hours a week. We've been able to provide our sales department with past and forecasted food costs, which has improved our costs overall. ChefTec is crucial to our operation.

Chef Mike Archibald, Herrington on the Bay, Friendship, MD

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Catering Business with CorTec and ChefTec Software

Discover why leading caterers, such as All Occasion Catering, Des Amis Catering, Global Gourmet Catering, Herrington on the Bay, Normandy Catering, Olivier Cheng Catering, Tasty Catering, Thyme to Indulge, Ltd., and many others, trust CorTec and ChefTec software to revolutionize their event planning and purchasing processes.

Why Choose CorTec or ChefTec for Catering?

Streamlined Event Management:

  • CorTec and ChefTec software offer complete event management solutions, making it easy for caterers to plan, execute, and optimize events seamlessly.

  • Efficiently cost out events in just minutes, ensuring precise financial planning and maximizing profit margins.

Inventory Control Made Simple:

  • Monitor usage, waste, and inventory levels effortlessly with our software.

  • Utilize mobile devices for seamless physical inventory management and receiving processes.

Quick and Accurate Event & Function Costing:

  • Scale event and function menus in minutes, adapting to fluctuating guest numbers or budgets.

  • Instantly re-cost events to maintain profitability even as circumstances change.

Seamless Interfaces:

  • Integrate seamlessly with Caterease (as well as other catering packages), importing Banquet Event Orders (BEOs) directly into ChefTec for a unified and efficient workflow.

Nutritional Analysis for Dietary Needs:

  • Generate detailed nutrition information and allergen alerts, catering to specific dietary restrictions and ensuring compliance with health standards.

Simplified Purchasing & Ordering:

  • Automate event order generation based on shopping lists, eliminating time-consuming manual calculations.

  • Combine shopping lists for multiple events into one order for streamlined purchasing processes.

DO YOU KNOW WHY so many caterers use CorTec or ChefTec software for planning events and purchasing? Whether it's complete Event Management, simply costing out events in minutes, or preparing a shopping list of exactly what you need, CorTec and ChefTec software help ease Event Management to maintain your profit margin.

Join the thousands of caterers in using CorTec or ChefTec software to cost out your events and functions and keep your inventory costs precise.

Here's How

Inventory Control

Monitor usage, waste, and inventory on hand to keep costs under control. Use a mobile device for seamless physical inventory taking and receiving.

Event & Function Costing

Scale event and function menus in minutes. Instantly re-cost events based on fluctuating numbers or budgets.


Interface with Caterease and import Banquet Event Orders (BEOs) from Caterease directly into ChefTec.

Nutritional Analysis

Generate nutrition information and allergen alerts for any specific dietary restrictions.

Purchasing & Ordering

Automatically generate event orders based on shopping lists. For multiple events combine shopping lists into one order for all events. No more time consuming calculations.

ChefTec for Caterers
– consistently on time
and within budget.