ChefTec is essential to a growing concept like ours, helping us be proactive to changes in food cost, keeping us profitable and financially healthy so we can continue to grow.

Chef Bob Tippan, Bricktop Casino, Windy Ridge, SD

CorTec and ChefTec: Empowering Casinos for Profitable Growth

Corporate Oversight:

  • Ensure consistent operations and corporate control across all locations.

  • Grant rights and privileges to manage operations from the corporate office.


  • Maintain standardized recipes and pricing across the entire enterprise, from restaurants to room service and kiosks.


  • Distribute updated recipes and prices seamlessly across all locations.

  • Unlock an integrated view of your business for efficient communication.

Simplified Purchasing & Ordering:

  • Automate event order generation based on shopping lists, eliminating time-consuming manual calculations.

  • Combine shopping lists for multiple events into one order for streamlined purchasing processes.

Ease of Use:

  • Utilize user-friendly features for hassle-free daily operations.

Labor Saving Benefits:

  • Implement efficient inventory control and automated ordering to save time and costs.

DO YOU KNOW WHY casinos from coast to coast are a perfect fit for CorTec software? Corporate oversight, consistency, communication, ease of use, and labor saving benefits are just a few of the many reasons CorTec and ChefTec have become vital to so many casinos. Jackpot Junction Casino, River Spirit Casino, Lodge Casino at Blackhawk, Palace Casino & Resort, Angel of the Winds, Players Casino, Bear River Casinos, and others use CorTec software to keep inventory and costs under control.

Here’s How

Inventory Control

Monitor usage, waste, and inventory on hand to keep costs under control. Use a mobile tablet for seamless physical inventory, receiving, and product requisitioning.

Recipe & Menu Costing

Quickly create and cost out recipes and menus with adjustable percent food cost and portion sizing, keeping your menu profitable. Use “What If” Food Cost Calculator to determine ideal price points for menu items and for forecasting food costs.

Corporate Communication

Distribute updated recipes and prices across the enterprise, grant CorTec rights and privileges, oversee operations from the corporate office, and unlock an integrated view of your business.

Sales Analysis

Seamlessly integrate CorTec with your POS system. Make informed business decisions with sales analysis and menu engineering.

Purchasing & Ordering

Get the best prices from your vendors and see changes over time. Set up accurate automated ordering options to save labor hours and dollars. Integrate with your vendors’ online systems to automatically bring bids, pricing, and invoices into CorTec. Communicate orders directly to your vendor. Track vendor prices to manage purchasing and immediately assess the impact on your food costs.