With CalendarBuilder you can manage and display your recipes and menus in a whole new way! An add-on program that is fully integrated with CorTec/ChefTec, CalendarBuilder gives you the ability to easily create Daily Specials, as well as, weekly/monthly menu calendars.

A must-have application for caterers, educational institutions, assisted living facilities, and hospitals, CalendarBuilder automatically generates HTML files so you can post menus online - quickly and easily - for staff, students, residents, or patients to review.

Take advantage of this powerful, easy-to-use program and:

  • Create up to six meal periods per day with "drag and drop" technology.
  • Expand related recipes for specific menus with its user-friendly interface.
  • Simplify your menu planning process with cyclic menus at a glance.
  • Organize separate calendars for different companies, departments, or profit centers.


Start Organizing and Planning Your Menus Quickly and Efficiently

CalendarBuilder is an ideal application for caterers and institutions such as schools, assisted living facilities, campus cafeterias, hospitals, and more. Keep your customers, students, residents and/or patients happy and informed by making your menus available for them for review.

Add CalendarBuilder to your CorTec/ChefTec Software suite and give your target audience what they want.

Buy Now

The price for CalendarBuilder is just $2,995.

Over the course of 16 years, ChefTec has lead to our long-term solvency and enabled us to keep our doors open, even though the roughest economic times.

~ Dan Dunsky
O'Brien's Crabhouse, Auburn Hills, MI