There’s nothing as frustrating as trying to boot up that computer in the morning to search for a recipe or invoice, only to discover your computer won't start and your data is gone! That can be a drain of time and labor, costing your business money.

You have enough to do each day without the hassle of figuring out where the data went.

Ensure that scenario never happens to you again with the Online Backup Service.

This premium service backs up your data to your local hard drive as well as online. Multiple backups ensure your data is always secure. Restores are available to you as often as you need them. This backup protection is just $595 per year.

And with CorTec Ultima and ChefTec Ultra, you receive your first year of the Online Backup Service for FREE. How's that for a deal!

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Don’t risk the costly delay of losing your valuable data. Add the Online Backup Service to your CorTec or ChefTec software suite today.